Monthly review for our Partners (January 2022)

Warsaw, January 2022

Dear Investors and Friends,

It’s a pleasure to write to you for the first time as CEO of EAAS Global. I’d like to share with you a summary of our activities over the past year and plans for 2022. The past year has been an extraordinary time – for us and for me, personally.

The possibility of providing everybody with the knowledge of where their green energy comes from was a breakthrough. The idea was brilliant, but it needed a little shaping. It blasted our vision to the next new boom.

First of all, we put everything together to set up a professional organization. We started by clarifying the purpose and goals, which helped formulate the breakthrough vision, clearer mission, and key values.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of EAAS is to organize & liberate the green energy market by uniting all players within it onto our blockchain platform, making the trading of green energy certification totally transparent, traceable & democratized. At the same time, allowing for better forecasting and adapting to the fluctuating demands of the grid through IoT devices, AI, and data analytics.

Our vision is to deliver the service which will facilitate and automate green energy trading and provide better usability & transparency for any user.

Our Plans

In the next years, we plan to be the main blockchain-based framework and become a certification standard for all green energy producers, operators, prosumers, administration & governments. We aim to unite and connect all energy production and consumption processes (governments, administration, energy operators, and prosumers) and become a leading green energy certification guardian and global green energy certificate exchange.

We lay fundamentals for framework white paper (and digital key business environment rules) and made hardware IoT ready for manufacturing.

What We Have Already Done?

We identified factors that impact the demand and supply of our tokens, such as quality, distribution, and production of energy tokens. We also completed our tokenomics, which successfully directed the private sale. It is all presented in our litepaper, which you can read here. Then we established many international partnerships, i.a., with Synapse Network (which brings the idea of a fully regulated financial institution backed by DeFi products to the masses). You can find a full list of our partners on our website, as well as the full list of our team members and professional advisors. The list is growing, and the next big things are under development.

The Team

EAAS Global employs only highly experienced professionals with business backgrounds in asset management, cryptocurrency, blockchain, energy, finance, technology, investing, marketing. The core team is a mixture of highly experienced people with both traditional and crypto backgrounds. Our team has a proven track record of successful launches of the companies, which brings significant business experience in strategy development, marketing expertise, team building, knowledge of modern IT sectors, and project management. The team is a mix of experienced managers who assist well-educated and highly motivated young people with an international background.

EAAS Around the World

Despite changes and challenges brought on by a global pandemic, EAAS continued to grow. In 2021, we took part in several events all around the world. The most important were at Gulf Blockchain Week, Crypto Expo, and Wow Blockchain Summit in Dubai, as well as Solana Conference in Lisbon, Miami Blockchain Week, and Blockchain Life in Moscow. Networking and constant development seemed to bear fruit.

We are backed by 10 international funds into our shareholding during the private sale: Halvings Capital, Fish DAO, Lucrosus Capital, Mansa, Synapse Network, CSP DAO, Chaining Stars, Crypto League, Contago, and Fera Capital. We are in the middle of the private round at 2.6mln USD.

What Are We Working On?

In 2022 we are looking forward to achieving new milestones. We are under development with Solana Ecosystem and the internal DEX system. We are also starting BSC adoption development in February.

Our goal is to be also close to you and spread the idea of EAAS. That’s why we put so much effort into developing our communication channels. You can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, Medium, and TikTok.

Smart Impact Series

EAAS is a partner in the largest crypto/meta conferences worldwide. We have also started a new, exclusive series of events dedicated to investors and stakeholders, called SMART IMPACT SERIES by EAAS.

The first event took place in January, during BTCmiami in Miami, and the second one is scheduled for February, during the CryptoVerse conference in Warsaw. In the middle of February, we will also open the NFT pre-sale for the IoT hardware box. Then, at the end of the month, we plan to announce new partnerships with the Dubai Entity for electricity of smart meters and participate in Metaweek in Miami.

Plans For This Year

On the 23rd of March, we would like to start our public offering. As follows we plan the first SDK for outside tech developers in terms of tech development.

In March, we will launch Smart Impact Series by EAAS in Dubai. We also plan to announce our first DEX and start trading. We will implement new platform onboarding tools and SDK for developers.

In April, our platform will be launched for selected teams (beta), and one month later, we will launch open-source resources (a full functional platform).

In May, you will be able to meet us twice in Miami – during Smart Impact Series by EAAS and F1 Miami x EAAS x ABB green energy event. Then, we will come back to Europe, because in May we plan to visit Berlin.

During World Economic Forum in June, we will organize Smart Impact Series by EAAS in Davos and then in Monte Carlo, simultaneously participating in Rittosa Family Office Monaco. We will end the year’s first half by adding Solana blockchain and onboarding IoT hardware for platform raising. For the whole period, we will keep you updated with new partnerships, advisors, and new business partners.

Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. We publish the latest news about EAAS there.

You can always contact us directly at I also encourage you to visit our website to download our litepaper and get the latest news about tokenomics.

This year will be full of challenges – keep your fingers crossed, follow our steps, and join us during the events! In the end, I’d like to thank everyone – our employees, advisors, and our community; for your support and for everything you do to make our plans possible. We have so much to look forward to!

I wish you all the best.

Greg Krzeszowski, CEO