EAAS is an innovative digital key, which helps you connect to the world of green energy sources

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Key certification

Digital key ID

Energy audit

Green Key Box

Technology Values


Microgrid peer-to-peer system


End user does not carry the risk of the purchased item not meeting expectations


Green energy can be even more valuable than products themselves



Green energy delivery

Green Key Boxes
- installed at energy developers' sites

Electricity users with EAAS app green certification key

Easy EAAS implementation

Green Key Box

EAAS app

Decentralized peer-2-peer structure


Certification for source of energy

Customer is guaranteed a class of ecology


Staking Utility

EAAS stakers will earn passive income not only from everyday EAAS rewards, but also from weekly airdrops coming from our multi-asset staking feature.


EAAS stakers will have an influence on the crucial aspects of platform development such as staking yield, buyback & burn percentage etc.

Deflationary Tokenomics

EAAS token holders will enjoy decreasing inflation model additionally boosted by buyback & burning mechanism, fueled by transaction fees.


Token Allocation:
Private Seed 1%
Strategic 2%
Private A 10%
Private B 10%
Public 1,5%
Team 15%
Advisors 8%
Staking Rewards 6%
Ecosystem 25,5%
Marketing & Exchange 10,5%
Reserve 5%
Liquidity Providing Rewards 6%



Greg Krzeszowski

Chief Executive Officer

Rafał Plewiński

Chief Operating Officer

My Naoufel El-Alami

Chief Innovation Officer

Alexandre Soussi

Chief Technology Officer

Mat Sławiński

Chief Financial Officer

Victor Shpak

Chief Blockchain Architect

Amour Setter

Head of Investor Relations

Dominika Górska

Investor Relations Marketing Manager

Anna Weber

Community Marketing Manager

Beata Grzeganek

Creative Director

Alex Kaskow

Asia Business Coordinator

Maja Statkiewicz

Executive Assistant


Paweł Sobków

Dr. Nati Mark Schlesinger

William Tien

Dr. Tomasz Braun

Matthew Wise

Katharina Arnold Rokita

Paweł Łaskarzewski

Toby Lewis

Dr. Jason Corbett

Steven M. Cohen

Evan Luthra

Patryk Ryszewski

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