Green energy in your socket

The world is gradually recognizing that producing energy from fossil fuels is a dead-end that could lead to climate catastrophe. The energy revolution, though inevitable, is progressing extremely slowly. Fortunately, each of us can become a user of green energy — even if we are not able to produce it ourselves.

Photovoltaic panels have become an inseparable element of the landscape. The popularity of free energy from the sun is as much influenced by government and local subsidies as by the growing awareness of the harmfulness of energy obtained from conventional sources. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, and new electronic devices are energy efficient. The profile of consumers has also changed — they are becoming more and more aware and efficient, which is reflected in the “zero waste” trend, numerous anti-smog petitions, and the climate strike.

But what if you can’t afford Tesla and you can’t install solar panels while living in a block of flats? The situation gets complicated but still, there is hope. The green energy sector does not forget about the needs of consumers and is constantly introducing new, innovative solutions. One of them is EAAS, which allows you to use only certified and climate-neutral energy, by only using an application on your phone.

EAAS stands for „Energy As A Service”. In a capsule explanation, it’s an innovative digital token of green energy created by your source or proven by a trustee, to be used, stored, or swapped on energy exchange. It is an innovative digital key, helping people to connect with the world of green energy. The company aims to earn healthy returns while contributing to global clean energy production. The EAAS token provides investors an opportunity to raise living standards in emerging markets, provide access to modern energy services, and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.