Green energy game-changer on the CryptoVerse Expo

EAAS made its debut within an international audience a few months ago, during the Gulf Blockchain Summit held in Dubai in October 2021. It was a week-long event connecting the global blockchain community discussing the latest industry and technology trends. EAAS has presented itself as a disruptor of the new digital era of green energy, showing its advanced technological infrastructure and use cases. A few months later, the most recognizable green energy game-changer exposed its potential in Europe during the CryptoVerse Expo conference in Warsaw.

The Polish crypto community had to wait for a while to hear about the ground-breaking startup on the green energy market. EAAS has initially presented its solutions in an international environment during events in Dubai and Miami. Finally, on the 17th of February, during the CryptoVerse Expo conference in Warsaw, EAAS presented its mission and goals. Greg Krzeszowski – founder and CEO, Mat Sławiński – CFO, and Anna Weber – CMO of EAAS, explained the idea and the tokenomy, as well as business and marketing plans. The team has also promoted its international Smart Impact Series events.

Renewable energy market growth is faster than ever. Unfortunately, this does not go hand in hand with the ability to track the origin of this energy. EAAS will solve this problem. Thanks to the decentralization of the framework, we create a technology that can be adopted globally – said Greg Krzeszowski, CEO of the project.

After the presentation, several VC members and fund representatives booked individual meetings with our management. We have also spoken to stakeholders and the media. The Polish community has given us a good and warm welcome. Our next stop is Dubai – see you there in a couple of weeks!