A token that helps the environment

There is no question that the rapid uptake of sustainable investing is impressive. At the same time, the long-term health of this endeavor relies on one thing: transparency, which is a must for investors, especially in uncertain times. People nowadays really need traceability and sustainability, especially when investing in companies from the energy sector. How to avoid greenwashing and invest only in trusted, meaningful projects? Take a look at EAAS (“Energy As A Service”).

Investing in the world of green energy has many benefits, i.a.:

1. Diversification — the EAAS token will deploy green energy use across multiple grid operators so you can always have the protection you’re looking for,

2. Reinvestment — EAAS will automatically reinvest earnings — which means a boost to energy producers. And then, returns are optimized by shortening the time between power users and producers so that newly commissioned projects earn returns,

3. Tax Benefits — working with capital gains tax instead of income tax for your investments,

4. Liquidity -a portion of the token will be allocated to a dollar-based liquidity pool. What does that mean for you? 24/7 liquidity through a smart contract.

EAAS is a green energy tokens producer, focused on hardware box based on ERC20 that supports frictionless decentralized applications (dApp) integration and intuitive cross-chain swapping. EAAS token will feature seamless token generation and the ability to send, stake, and swap tokens.

EAAS guarantees staking utility, which means, that coin stakers will earn passive income not only from everyday rewards but also from weekly airdrops coming from the multi-asset staking feature. Due to the decentralized model, stakers will also have an influence on the crucial aspects of platform development, i.a. yield, buyback or burn percentage. Moreover, token hodlers will enjoy a deflationary model additionally boosted by buyback & burning mechanism, fueled by transaction fees.

It’s time to invest in the smart way. No more cryptocurrencies without utility. It’s time to give back the green energy to the users, producers, and investors.